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Photographer & Creative Designer

Photography passion placed in pictures

Passion for pictures is in my heart since I was born. I love the way people look at things and everyone in an other way. Every eye and angle is different and tells it's own story.

The first camera, is the camera I have at this moment. It's the Canon 450D. Soon it will be time for an upgrade.


Pictures from nature elements are kind a favorite. Watching nature through a lens is exciting especially when afterwards the picture turns out to be a keeper. The various seasons in The Netherlands are a blast!

Besides the photography, I also write music and than the photography is a great connection to create cover for albums.


Besides the photography I'm creative with editing and creating different perspectives on a picture. The kind of creative design I like very much. It's a great way to express yourself in a picture and be creative in different ways. It can be creating a dreamworld or a reality situation, the fact that is can be visual is a nice projection of the mind.


To check out the things I create, please download HERE the portfolio.

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